This season clothing high cold words

High cold season fashion terms


1, local printing (Placement print) printing, everybody is not strange, we have a lot of printing printed dresses, shirts, etc., but local printing from process perspective is far more complex, designers need to fixed position, printing color, and so on, the cost will increase a lot. In effect, the local printing can emphasize color contrast with visual sense, the line of sight of you will involuntarily by focusing on the 20% - 20% of the bright flowers and decorative pattern. Only through the local printing decoration make the gown very dazzing.


2, piping (Bind) piping, the purpose of the first is to avoid the fabric silk, to use another fabric wrapped in clothing. Piping process now mainly used in some outer contour of the coat and overcoat. Through some fluent line decoration in the edge of the coat, or using some different fabrics and clothing itself to decorate. Make clothing more sense of contour, strengthen the visual effect.


3, fold (Pleat) fold, divided into regular folds and natural fold. Regular fold is what we call "death", can change the washing. Issey miyake's pleats do, can be classified as regular fold, set the fashion and classic, slightly Oriental zen. Natural fold, through the drape of fabric, naturally formed irregular fold. Fold in the most dynamic in the clothing, and to the wearer's body not too picky, is a favorite choice of many people.

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