Core idea: to let people have the opportunity to, can people have a stage, and achieving it have status have treatment. A meritocracy, will really use.


First, the principle of having both ability and political integrity

According to the comprehensive measure to choose and use talents and the requirement of having both ability and political integrity, persistence is DE not are shallow, have without virtue is a mean person, ability and political integrity cannot be ignored.


Second, the principles of "effect theory"

Degree on), we don't see ability, don't look at degree level, no matter what identity, what degree and what age, as long as the good work, do better than others, outstanding performance, bold is enabled, entrusts with an important task. At present, the company technical personnel and the average age of middle managers around the age of 35, workshop director average age at about 30. Some of these people though age is not big, record of formal schooling is not high, but have the ability, motivation and performance. We insist on "effect theory" the employing mechanism, make a large number of having both ability and political integrity of talents, become the backbone of the enterprise development.


Three is the first principle of practice

"Try jade to 3 full burning, bian will be seven years". Over the years, all kinds of professionals who work to the wind group, we have arranged to the workshop production line first, and let it in practice exercise to improve, and then through public examinations, merit-based selection.


Four is the principle of superior bad discard

In selecting talents, we implemented the "talent search" to "field choose" ma, who have done the best, we will as the talent to reuse; Otherwise, can only be knocked out.


Five is the principle of "everyone is a talent"

On the talent use, eliminate stereotypes and mystification, accomplish by man and appropriate, amount to apply. As long as in the right position to exert maximum wit, talent is certain significance. We according to this principle, according to the level of each employee, expertise, experience, personality, etc., will arrange to relative suitable post, its done, owning only do all it can, promoted the sustained, rapid and efficient development.

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